When the coasts appeared to the Greeks in search of new beaches where bring their rule and their thoughts, the heart of the Mediterranean began to pulsate.
    And then it began to radiate culture as a vital organ of Humanity, capable to absorb, filter and amplify each element of evolution.
    Large temples and huge theaters were built to receive divine ideals and poetry.
    A series of civilizations, unique in the world, that has left traces bigger and more intense than elsewhere.
    The nature, often lonely and rebel, emerges as scrub or green carpet, among the flowing of rivers and streams, from silent mountains, which are under the authority of the volcano giant.
    Etna stands as an inextinguishable brazier, with its reddish flames and dense smoke to remember the constant presence of a visceral terrestrial interiority.
    Everything is more alive and stronger, colors and contrasts, flavors and fragrances.
    And the magnificence of styles that overlap, now melting, now competing.
    Hellenic, Gothic, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, and then, from the Renaissance to the Baroque, in a triumph of form and decoration, surrounded by the blue of an incommensurable sky.
    Eyes alight on silica sands, white and thin, while the crystal clear sea carries echoes of epic odysseys in the brackish wind of sirocco.

View of Sicily
Taormina (ME) - Isola Bella

Villa Romana del Casale

    This is a magnificent home late Roman, whose remains are located near Piazza Armerina (EN), Sicily.
    Since 1997 is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Built between the end of the century III and the beginning of the century IV AD, for the grandeur of the rooms and the richness of the decorations, it certainly belonged to high-ranking personality of the hierarchy of Roman Empire, maybe the Emperor Maximian or his son Maxentius.
    Inhabited in later times, owes its conservation status to an avalanche of mud that covered it almost completely in medieval period.
    The planimetry of the villa is very articulate: from a large central peristyle , do depart the residential area and the areas of representation, including the great basilica , a great elliptical peristyle adjacent to a large trefoil hall and a thermal complex .
    The fame of the villa is associated especially with the magnificent mosaics of the floor in all rooms, of a richness and variety that have no equal in the world.
    Among the wonderful hunting and mythological subjects, stands the famous portrayal of so-called girls in bikinis , girls in short costume that are performing in gymnastics and competitions, with prizes for winners.

Villa Romana del Casale
Agrigento - Temple of Concordia
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