The articulation of this territory can range from the mountains to the sea, following every possible path of nature and art, from the snowy and rocky landscapes, among glimpses of dolomitic wonders, crossing castles, palaces, magnificent villas, and every trace of grandiose age, in a state of wonderful preservation.
    From the Roman extraordinary remains, time is a continuity, with Middle Ages that dot with shining churches the beautiful cities, often still surrounded by crenellated intact walls.
    By entering inside them, you plunge into another temporal dimension, that dispenses its references of ancient memory and noble knowledge.
    In the countryside, through the succession of Palladian architecture, you are still lavishly accompanied among locations of enchanting beauty, through spaces of green and glad nature.
    Then the miracle of the lagoon, and its towns rising from the waters as amphibious gods, who wherever spread their perturbing singing, illuminating with a gorgeous glow.
    Faro of culture and beauty, everything enchants us going in the golden profusion of riches, with mixture of light in the Byzantine mosaic iconography, in the Gothic carvings, up to the classical monumentality of Renaissance inspiration, which spreads to represent the ideal of what we consider human civilization.

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Malcesine (VR) - View of Lake Garda with the Scaligero castle

The Doge's Palace in Venice

    Built as early as the 9th century as a castle, later became the representative palace of the doges, until it assumed its sumptuous appearance, a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic architecture, between the 14th and the 15th century.
    Seat of economic, commercial and political power and center of the Serenissima , was extended over time, enriched by works of art, and modified even after extensive restoration, particularly after the severe fires of 1483 and 1574.
    The unmistakable feature of the building is given by the loggias below, that confer lightness to the air base, dominated however by the powerful upper body covered with marble inlays, on which stand out the dark shapes of large pointed windows, with a unique effect of static reversal.
    The porch has lowered its appearance for works to elevate the ground floor to counter the progressive rise in sea level.
    The facades on the pier and on the central square are decorated with balconies, added in the fifteenth century, and by various groups of contemporary and later sculptures.
    The access to the building is given by the famous Porta della Carta , built by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon, dominated by the Lion of San Marco and a trifora window with twisted columns.
    Reached the courtyard, you go up to the plane of arcades across the Giant's Stairway , which takes its name from the two colossal statues of Mars and Neptune by Sansovino, placed at its sides.
    Going up the Golden Staircase , rich in stuccoes and gorgeous decorations, you reach the main floor and the immense Hall of the Great Council , whose decoration was entrusted to Veronese, Palma il Giovane and Tintoretto, who lined the entire background wall, behind the throne: his Paradise is the largest canvas in the world.
    Adjacent, there is the Hall of Scrutinio , equally magnificent, which ends with a majestic triumphal arch by Andrea Tirali.
    Overlooking the canal called Rio di Palazzo are the apartments of the doge and some judicial rooms.
    On the second floor is the Hall of Four Doors , which owes its name to its magnificent marble portals and preserves wonderful decorative paintings by Tintoretto, Titian and Tiepolo.
    Successively, the rich and solemn Hall of the Senate , with works by Tintoretto and Palma il Giovane, the Hall of the Council of Ten and the Hall of the Compass .
    Then, on the second floor, there are other judicial rooms and the rooms of the Administration.
    Beyond the Rio is the building called New Prisons , that is connected with the Doge's Palace by the famous Bridge of Sighs .

Venice and the Doge's Palace
Venice - Piazza San Marco
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